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8. Daily Life

Though there are many discussions about what makes up a 'human being', I like keeping it simple. I believe the body, mind and spirit are three types of bodies that make up a person.

Through living our lives as the Universe meant it to be, there are multiple ways in which one can raise their vibrations. Though none of these items below is 'the answer' to living well, they certainly do help and cenetarians do a lot of these. They are often a matter of personal preference

1. Food - Eating a lot of vegetables, oils, vitamins, minerals, fish, literally make the body feel 'lighter' as you reduce carbonhydrates. I do eat meat, but not every day. I don't eat much soy, except for a minimum, as I believe the plant attracts heavy metals from the soil. I also eat mushrooms minimally since many of them tend to disbalance the body causing yeast infection. I certainly minimalise refined sugars

2. Sleep Rhytm - Going to bed on time and rising early gives me a lot of energy. I really regret the days that I do not keep the rhytm and feel tired for a part of the next day.

3. Spiritual Activity - Prayer and meditation help to tune in with the Divine, also work out your heavy emotions making you feel loved and giving you a sense of purpose. I sometimes use music but I also like silence very much. Also I pray when walking in a busy area. Also when done often, it can heal ailments.

4. Exercise - A bit of exercise helps, like moving 1 hour per day minimally. You can walk, cycle, clean, organize things, repair/ fix, sport, etc. It's amongst others good for the blood circulation and burning of fats.

5. Reading - Reading is good for the mental stimulation and also for relaxation. I prefer this over very busy television shows

6. Breaking off Addictions - Some people are addicted to things like drinking, smoking, casual sex, control of your surroundings, watching television, playing hours of intense computer games, etc. You should break off with toxic habits in your life as it can hinder your spiritual progress and also prevents you from acting well socially. Some modern advertisements, movies, games have a high amount of horror, gore and heavy visual effects in them. TV has a strong addictive side. While it may increase your mental capacities, emotionally it makes people harder, more afraid, more agressive and more negative due to some negative spiritual vibes.

7. Cutting off negative contact - what you are from the inside, these kind of people you attract. Socialise with positive & happy people while keeping the interaction with negative people distanced. If someone is having a hard time in his life, even if it is for a longer time, that is okay. We help such people where we can. But if someone is constantly negative and draining and doesn't respect you even after confronting, it may be toxic for you. Do not hesitate to just walk away

8. Hygiene - Keeping a good personal hygiene, personally as well as in your own home improves your quality of living and make you feel at ease. When I get up I sometimes have to 'force' myself a little, especially when I am tired, to do some things like exercising but it gives a lot of energy for the day and is certainly rewarding

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