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6. Heaven & Near Death Experiences

People who I have spoken to that had a near-death experience, by for example having an accident and lying for hours on the surgery table, have reported to be floating out of their body and often seeing a large white light, with an illuminescense lighter than the brightest of daylight. Yet it did not hurt their eyes.

These experiences had a lot of differences, of people seeing 'the other side' and being in heaven, in a great city or in a beautiful nature, trees, water, with very vivid colours. There was one thing in common. All felt a very deep love. They said there was a central precense of 'the Universe', 'the Light', or 'the Divine' or 'God'.

This precense was always non-judgemental. Even people that did not believe in anything, but were friendly to others on average went to heaven, to the surprise of many religious people. People felt they had a mission to do on earth before they would go to heaven, it was a learning experience to listen to the inner voice of God and live in love, respecting and giving attention to others instead of only living for their own interests.

While also many people that do not believe in it sometimes vehemently state that everything is in the head and the brain produces chemicals, nobody have been able to explain why for example,

- People that have been blind their whole lives can suddenly see - People describing many things on the operation table in details - People meeting passed away family, friends, animals etc that other people have once lost which they never heared about

Without making this a very floaty story, it certainly gives enough material to think about. And it certainly gives something beautiful to look forward to

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